Nikolay Rubanov + Alexey Ivanov - Vilnius Jazz Festival 2016

Nikolay Rubanov - baritone saxophone, electronics
Aleksey Ivanov - percussion, drums, electronics
29th Vilnius Jazz Festival.
October 11, 2016. Jazz club "Jazz Cellar 11", Vilnius, Lithuania.

Russian musicians are rare birds on the Lithuanian jazz scene. Our knowledge about current jazz trends in this country is scant or perhaps even wide of the mark. This duo proves that the spirit of free jazz is still alive in Russia, and daring ideas and pundits of experiments are still extant.

Saxophonist Nikolay Rubanov is a true enthusiast of avant-garde. He plays soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophones as well as bass clarinet, ethnic flutes and keyboards. With an exception of the piano, of which he took private lessons in his youth, he is an autodidact instrumentalist.

He has collaborated with many an international jazz master including Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Ned Rotenberg, Peter Brötzmann and Charles Gayle. With various groups Rubanov appeared in festivals in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Finland, Israel, Sweden and the UK (London Jazz Festival), recorded more than two dozens albums.

Drummer Alexey Ivanov is also a musician of wide interests. He collaborates with Grigory Kofman’s theatre Goff Company (Berlin), where he is not just a background musician, but rather a storyteller in sounds. In addition, he is a member of the legendary post-industrial trio FIGS, Sojuz Kosmičeskovo Avangarda, Tatyana Kalmykova’s SVA, trombonist Ramil Shamsutdinov’s Nado dumat (One Has to Think) and The Frozen Orchestra.

The drummer feels at home in art rock and free jazz. His music vocabulary features jazz-rock gestures, virtuosity and precision, laconic solos and ironic elements produced with the help of various toys.